IQAC Compositions:

The Revised Composition of IQAC in January 2023 as follows:

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Prin. Dr. M.V. Waykole Chairperson
2 Dr. Mohan M. Phalak Member from Management
3 Dr. B. H. Barhate IQAC Coordinator
4 Dr. S. V. Patil Member
5 Dr. A. D. Goswami Member
6 Dr. N. E. Bhangale Member
7 Dr. S. P. Zanke Member
8 Prof. R. R. Patil Member
9 Dr. A. V. Upadhyay Member
10 Dr. G. R. Wani Member
11 Prof. D. N. Patil Member
12 Dr. S. D. Yeole Member
13 Dr. Umesh Fegade Member
14 Mrs. Shobha Patil External Member
15 Mr. Mukesh Agrawal External Member
16 Dr. Ketan Mahajan External Member
17 Mr.Rajesh Chaudhari Industrialist
18 O.S. Shri. Bhagvan Tayade Administrative Officer
19 Shri. Mukesh Firake Administrative Officer
20 Shri Ashish Chaudhari Assistant Librarian