Total Grants from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects during the last five years (INR in Lakhs):

Sr. No Name of the research project/ endowment Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency Type (Government/non-Government)
1 VCRMS Scheme Dr. R. S. Nadekar Political Science 2017 60,000/- 2 Year KBCNMU, Jalgaon Government
2 Early Career Research Award Dr. S. D. Yeole Chemistry 2018 32,10,000/- 3 year SERB, DST, New Delhi Government
3 Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission Dr. Manoj J. Jadhav Zoology 2022 2,20,000/- 4 year RGSTC, Govt of Maharshtra Government

Major/Minor Research Project Completed/Ongoing:

Sr. No Project Type Project Title View
1 Minor Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical study of some plants from Jalgaon Dist.(MS) - Executive Summary By Dr. S. V. Patil Click here