Library Facilities...

  1. By Paying Rs.300/- For( Non-granted courses fee ) per post graduate student and Rs.250/- for ( granted courses fee ),Such student can lend one book at a time from library every book.
  2. By Paying Rs.125/- For ( granted courses fee ),such Under Graduate student can lend one book at a time from library every book.
  3. Library made available Book Bank facility for poor boys and promising student.
  4. The library has special Internet center to provide free access internet for student.
  5. The library has 10 computers. Two computers for Charging & Discharging section, Six computer for student and teachers to search online public access catalogue one computer as a server and rest are for the library staff for housekeeping.
  6. Library have Non book material on various subjects Such as CD-ROMS and Classic DVDs which are come with books and journals. user can lend such materials on request.
  7. Separate seating arrangement and open access to books is made available to student for NET/SET preparation.
  8. There are few colleges when they asked for the help of the books; our Central library provides the books under the scheme of inter library loan facility with terms and conditions.
  9. The central library has a set of audio-visual system which include 75 video cassettes ,537 compact dik and 46 audio cassettes on various topics which includes English drama, Marathi drama and various scientific subjects.
  10. Reference service includes assistance to users in the use of Library, locating specific documents, bibliographic search and providing information on specific topics.

Highlights of the central library :

  1. On-line Public Access Cataloguing (OPAC) system is available in library. From 1999 the data entry of the books are prepared. Such books are bar-coded & available for the users.
  2. Library management technosoft software is installed in the library
  3. The Reading Room is open for 14 Hrs. on all working days For 6 Hrs. on holidays.
  4. The Internet With broad band facility is available for the staff members and the students.
  5. Library has large number books. But when syllabi are changed; library weeds out the number of books to keep the library update.
  6. If the books are lost, library recover the cost of books multiple to 2.5 times of the original cost, due to this penalty the student and staff member regularly return the books.
  7. To maintain to smooth and efficient functioning of the Library, library committee is set-up every year and according to their suggestions the library function.
  8. Our College is a research center for Hindi, Commerce ,Chemistry Economics, & Marathi. The research students visit our library